Injection Molding

  • Precision Molding
  • Insert Molding
  • Over Molding
Turn-key manufacturing

Assembly & Kitting

  • Sub-assembly (WIP)
  • Product Assembly
  • Kits & Packaging

Part & Tool Design

  • Design optimization
  • Tool & Flow Analysis
  • Resin, Color, Texture

Prototyping & R&D

  • 3D Printing
  • R & D Services
  • Design Consulting

Our plastic injection molding machines range from 44 ton to 230 tons, allowing us to mold BB-size to basketball-size plastic parts of all complexity, color, composition and function.  We can help you design parts and can advise on resin choice, colors, reinforcements, fillers, and tooling options to achieve your goals.

We insert mold (around metal and hardware inserts) and over-mold (multi-shot) for customers who need variation in the plastic color, behavior, translucence, hardness, and texture within the same piece.

Did you know we can assemble and kit your metal, wood and electrical parts, with our plastics, to create finished products and retail ready kits that can go straight to your customers or fulfillment centers? We offer turn-key manufacturing and can sync our production with your program requirements.

4C makes thermoplastic parts & assemblies for a variety of manufacturers within the automotive, fishing, recreation, ladder, safety & health industries.



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