4C provides the "Best Total Solution" to your contract plastic injection molding, 3D printing, & assembly needs over the lifetime of each part, product, program, and customer.

Our Niche: Injection molding, 3D Printing, AND ASSEMBLY of small to medium sized plastic parts of all complexity.

Our Customer: Manufacturers like you, who desire efficient transactions, reduced operational complexity and increased ROI in their plastic parts & product assembly outsourcing.

Meet Your Team


Joel Soelberg

Visionary - 4Cer - Biz Development
Responsible for outreach to prospects and new customer onboarding. Works to identify internal and external opportunities for all 4C customers. Coordinates new programs, R&D and quoting activities.
Brandon Pict

Brandon Williams

DreamLab 3D - Strategic Partner
Manages 3D Design, Scanning, File prep and 3D printing projects. 4C leans on DreamLab 3D for additive mfg expertise, rapid-prototypes, small-run and low volume projects. DreamLab3d.com

Caity Soelberg

Account Manager
Interacts with customers and communicates their needs within 4C. Ensures 4C understands & supports the customer, their values, and the requirements of the customer's marketplace.

Dave Christmas

Molding Engineer Consultant.
Expert on all mold and part design, set-up and injection machine efficiency.
Jeff J

Jeff Jakus

Process Engineer Consultant
Expert on all process design, manufacturability analysis, and operation efficiency.
Gen. Person place holder


Responsible for project management, organizational clarity, team accountability, and performance.


Injection Molding 

Precision Molding, Insert Molding, Two-shot Molding,

Assembly, Packaging & Kitting

Part and Tool Design

Prototyping & 3D Printing

Purchasers & Supplier Diversity Team

Welcome!  You are at the right place.  We are a Veteran Owned Business and an expert at our craft.  We can help you solve your most important plastic and assembly problems.  Please invite us to meet with you at your workplace or over the phone.  We will help you discover new efficiencies and help you gather the necessary info to give you the best quote.  We like to help you with "the homework" rather than make you come to us with all the answers, drawings and info prepared.  Don't want to deal with the conflict associated with switching away from your under-performing plastics vendors? We can work with your old plastics vendors to request your tooling and information for you!  Are you ready to experience the ease of the 4C Way?



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As a manufacturer of ladder levelers, we primarily work with metal parts. We outsource our plastic parts to 4C.  Why? Because they are the experts in plastic, and we get the 4C's:  Convenience, Confidence, Consistency, and Connection.  

Chris H.  G.M. - Level-EZE - level-ladder.com